Top 3 Diaper Bags for Dads

Dads want to be stylish too, and carrying around a pink diaper bag with hearts on it probably isn’t dad’s idea of style. There are some great options out there for dads who want to help out and still look good doing it. In fact, there are so many choices nowadays, it can be difficult to figure out which one you want; after all, you’ll most likely be carrying this bag every where you go.

Based on my research on the best diaper bag for dads, I found a great resource which is where you can find some great reviews on diaper bags. Here are the top 3 diaper bags that offer high quality materials, top-notch functionality, with low-key yet fashionable designs for those dads on-the-go.

1 – The Messenger I Bag from – $59.99

diaper-dude-diaper-bagThe messenger I diaper from DiaperDude has everything a dad needs while he is on diaper duty, but moms will love it too! This bag offers a sleek grey design with the durability and versatility you need in a diaper bag. The messenger I is made with comfort and style in mind, with the functionality dad wants from a diaper bag.

Messenger I Features:

  • Stylish design
  • Made from durable polyester
  • Comfort across-the-chest strap
  • Three front pockets for easy access
  • Special pocket for your water bottle
  • Multiple inner compartments for all of baby’s needs
  • Zip-closed pockets

2 – The Billboard from – $110

dadgear-billboard-diaper-bagGo green with this awesome and stylish backpack diaper bag from DadGear. This diaper bag is a little more expensive than the other options but you definitely get your dollars worth. The billboard is partially made from recycled billboards; which gives them quite unique and interesting designs. This diaper bag has everything an over-the-shoulder bag offers but you can go completely hands-free all day.

Billboard Features:

  • Durable mesh and vinyl material (partially recycled)
  • Fashionable designs
  • Stroller Straps
  • Large interior compartment with multiple pockets
  • Special baby-wipe compartment
  • Changing Pad included

3 – Deluxe Wide Opening from Fischer Price – $43

fischer-price-diaper-bagThis diaper bag is a favorite for moms and dads alike. Its ergonomic and polished design offers the highest level of comfort at an affordable price. This bag offer insulated pockets to keep bottles cold or warm, changing pad, and ‘dad-friendly’ design with a eight exterior pockets so everything you need is always within reach. The bottom is also reinforced so it will be able to handle whatever dad manages to stuff in it.

Deluxe Wide-Opening Features:

  • ‘Fast-Finder’ pocket design
  • Large inside compartment designed specifically for wipes and diapers
  • Insulated pockets for bottles
  • Changing pad included
  • Across-the-Chest Comfort Strap
  • Reinforced bottom for durability

Choose any of the above bags to look stylish, trendy and carry baby items when heading out.

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How to replace batteries of Razor E300

There has been seen an increased craze and fame of the electric scooters in recent times. People often prefer going by these electric scooters beating luxury cars. For the same reason, new and improved electric scooters have been introduced in the market.

One of the finest scooters introduced in the market is E300 by Razor. With its improved technology, it is Razor’s fastest scooters, traveling up to 5 miles per hour. Electric scooters need frequent change of its battery. Electric scooters work on the batteries. For the same reason, there can be a need to change the battery of the scooters in case of discharged or low battery. There is a proper procedure which should be strictly followed while changing the battery.

Required tools

The tools that are required for replacing batteries of Razor E300 are Wrenches, screwdriver, valve extender, wire cutters and quick disconnectors. These generally come along with the toolkit of the scooter.

Procedure for replacing batteries

The following is a step by step guide for replacing batteries of Razor E300.

• The wires that were already present in obsolete battery can be easily used while connecting new battery. Hence there is no need to get new wires.
• It is essential to ensure the quality of new battery. Hence it should abide by all the quality standard and instructions. The buyer should check it before making an online purchase or shopping order.
• Initially the user should change one battery at a time.
• After doing so, the user should open the foot board for changing the battery.
• Cut the red and black wires of the battery as close as possible using wire cutters.
• Peel the wires from the tip to about a quarter inch, just enough for the disconnector to clip onto.
• Clip on the disconnected area at the sliced ends.
• This should be made sure that there are no exposed wires.
• Connect the red wire to the positive terminal of the battery and black to the negative terminal, safely. (red to red and black to black)
• Place the battery safe inside the scooter.
• Let the wires still remain connected.
• Replace the foot board.
• The scooter is ready for the ride.


It should be made sure that the battery is changed in front of a guardian or an elderly person. Do not touch the naked wires with the bare hands. It can be risky. Read the complete guidelines and review of Razor 300 electric scooter at Kids for King. The provided manual comprises of all the necessary precautions to be taken. It should be learned nicely before changing the battery.

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Visiting Central park zoo this weekend

44Busy grueling schedules make it quite difficult to pamper yourself and spend quality time with family on a daily basis. That is the reason not only children, but also adults crave for fun-filled weekends and not just the usual sedentary activities like watering the garden, doing the laundry, cleaning the house etc. With children it is necessary to plan out weekends with the kind of activities which they would have fun doing. Parents are always on a look out on places where their kid would have a gala time.

The places where you could take your kids too can be many for e.g. gardens, amusement parks, zoo, planetariums, aquariums, malls with children play area, etc. Although there are many such places but Central Park is one place where you would find such great attractions.

About Central Park Zoo

Central Park Zoo was built in 1984 in New York City by the Wildlife Conservation Society. Rather than getting built we can say that it was transformed into a state of the art facility. This zoo is a home to animals hailing from different parts of the world.

The Attractions

Be it an animal from the tropical land or from the Polar region, the zoo is equipped with animals belonging to different climatic zones. Isn’t it great that the children can see animals from places they might hardly ever visit?

The Sea Lion Pool

One of the main attractions of this zoo is the sea lion pool. This pool has glass sides featured over its circumference. This feature makes it possible for the visitor to see these mammals spiraling, gliding and doing various acts under water. These carnivorous animals also have set feeding times. As and when these mammals are fed, they are also made to perform some special tricks, which are a pleasure to watch.

Polar Animals

Polar Animals like Polar Bear and Penguins also are quite fascinating. These are the favorites among children. They have recreated a polar region in the zoo for these animals to survive and grow in.

Tisch Children’s Zoo

This one is the newest and latest addition to the zoo. Toddlers find this section quite interesting. What fascinates them here is that they get to be near domestic animals like sheep, cows, goats, pigs etc. They are even allowed to feed these animals which make their visit even more enjoyable. One must also consider using a baby carrier if they are with their kids as it makes carrying the baby in the zoo comfortable.

The Enchanted Forest

Well the name itself sounds interesting, doesn’t it? It is one enchanting set up where even adults would want to be kids. It is a complete natural set up, with primeval oak tress artistically created along with acorns and a huge spider. Live turtles, frogs, birds could be seen habituating themselves in the central aviary. There is a special of two theaters inside the premises of Central park Zoo in New York. They are exclusively meant for children. These theaters have daily live shows running for kids and children.

The George Delacorte Musical Clock

The George Delacorte Musical Clock is a masterpiece that can leave anyone enchanted behind. This magnificent piece has been built on a triple archway of brick. It is located between the main zoo and the children’s zoo. Placed on the north side of the arches are the Honey Bear and a Dancing Goat bronze sculptures by Frederick G.R. Roth dating back to 1935.The fascinating features are that since the start of the day from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm one of the 44 tunes can be heard playing. Gliding along the base of the clock one can see a hippopotamus with violin, a goat with pan pipes, a bear with tambourine, kangaroo and offspring with horns and a penguin on the drums. What all the visitors wait to see on the hour is two monkeys appearing on the top of the clock and striking the bell.


The Central Park zoo is a convenient place to visit even with infants. There are enough of restrooms available at the park. The charges to use these restrooms are included in the ticket one would be purchasing for admission .The Park also has a café to relinquish your taste-buds. Apart from this there is also a gift shop to take back the wonderful memories in the form of tokens, photo frames, key chains, etc… of this place. To rest and relax, visitors can find lush green gardens with benches. There are also service centers set up to assist those who need help at any given point of time while they are in the park.

With all these fascinating things to see and experience one is sure to have that fun filled quality time with family and loved ones.

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How to choose the Best Headphones

How to choose the Best Headphones

Headphones are devices that help you enjoy music in the best way possible as they are usually designed to bring out the best of sounds in any kind of music that you are listening to. As a result of the function of headphones and for the fact that it is made use of frequently, it is very essential that you know how to choose the best headphones that will last and also perform its function properly. This piece will help serve as a guide on how to go about choosing a headphone that will meet your need.

How to Choose Headphones for You

Choosing the best headphones can sometimes be an uphill task and this is as a result of the various kinds of headphones that are available for sale to users of headphones. This can however become a very simple task when certain factors or criteria are used to determine which headphones are best for certain occasion or places.

There are certain factors that can be said to be basic factors that are to be put into consideration when choosing a headphone. The following are a few of the factors that must be seriously considered by you before you finally decide on which of the headphones that you will settle for:

Use of the Headphone: The reason why you need a headphone is the number one important factor that you must take into consideration before you go ahead and buy a headphone for yourself. You might need to ask yourself a few questions that will help you take a final decision and such questions will include but is not limited to: how frequent will I be making use of the headphone? Where do I intend to be making use of the headphones that is, will it be used while I am at home or will it be used while I am on the way or while I am traveling? Should I go for the best noise cancelling headphones?

Specifications: When you are through with answering the questions that will help you decide on why you need a headphone, you will then need to consider the specifications of various headphones that you are thinking of purchasing. There will be need for you to place high priority on specifications that will be best meet the reason why you need a headphone. If you need a headphone for traveling, you will have to consider the headphone that will cancel noise as much as possible, if you need it for listening to music then, you will need to consider the one with the best sound provision. If you need it for when you go out for a walk there will be a need for you to get the one that can be used with your mobile.

Cost: The cost of the headphone that you intend to get is another factor to consider before choosing a headphone. The importance of cost can never be over emphasized as you will not be expected to buy a headphone whose cost will be more than the budget that you have already laid down for the purchase of a headphone. So, cost of the headphone is also a factor that will also help you decide on the headphone to settle down for. In-fact you can find some very cheap noise cancelling headphones which will enhance your music listening experience as well and will be fit in your budget.

Ask Questions: There is nothing wrong in asking questions from people who know better than you do in any area of life and this includes the area of headphones. Ask people that have been making use of headphones for the same purpose that you intend to make use of your own headphone and they will be able to give you a list of good and lasting headphones that will serve you better.

Durability: This is the last of the factors that will be considered here but this does not mean that it is the least important of all the factors. No matter how you love a headphone, you will certainly not want to go for a headphone that will not last for some time and that is where the factor of durability comes into place. Always go for a headphone that will serve you for some time that is, a headphone where you will be able to get your money’s worth in terms of durability or strength.

You can read very good reviews at Head Yo which will help you find the best ones for your needs.

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Pets and Children

Pets and Children

Many of you must have wondered as to how your pet will react to a new member in the family, especially when the new member is your baby. You can help your pet adjust with this new member similar to a situation when children are made to understand about their brothers and sisters. You can also help your pet release its strain by ensuring it that the pet will still stay with you and your growing family. This is a process of mutual understanding and you have to act as a mediator.

It is evident to wonder how the pet will react to this situation and how can you prepare it for the same. You need to understand the fact that your pet was just like your first child in the family. It has been receiving all your love and affection since then. It is very much attached to your family, especially to you if you are its care taker. It might not like the feeling of being left out if you suddenly start giving all your time to the new member in the family. This might stress it out and it might become arrogant. This feeling is similar to the feeling among children when they have to share their things with their siblings. It is important for you to avoid such a situation. The best solution to minimize this effect can be done before you bring your baby in your home. Allow another member of your family to develop a close bond with the pet. Gradually start spending less time with it and allow the other member to spend more time with it. This doesn’t mean that you should completely stop loving it, but the new bond which the pet makes with the new member will give you more time towards your new born without making the pet feel bad about it. This way, the pet will still feel loved and you get more time to spend with your new born.

Pet and Children

In case if your baby is grown up, you can install a best video baby monitor in the nursery. It will help your monitor your baby and the pet. It will leave you worry free and you can also keep track of baby’s and pet’s behavior while you are not around and also you can teach to respect each other.

If your baby is too small, the baby’s room should remain out of the bounds for the pet. You can even install a barrier which inhibits the pet to reach the baby’s room. This will free you from all the stress while the baby is asleep in his room. Alternatively, you can install baby video monitors in your baby’s room to keep surveillance of his room too.

Other measures which you can take in order to make your pet more comfortable with the future environment are mentioned below. You need to prepare your pet before you can actually introduce it to the baby in a smooth and safe way. It is best to start practicing these methods months before your baby actually arrives in this world. This will also keep your mind occupied while you are still pregnant.

Start training your pet to stay calm and sit next to the floor beside you until you actually invite it to cuddle around you. This is important as you will be cuddling a newborn with you soon. The pet should get used to it and not feel offensive about it.

The best thing you can do is to make your pet used to baby activities in the house. Buy a baby doll that will act as a new baby, perform all the activities with it so that your pet gets used to all such baby activities till the new member arrives in your home.

Take your pet for regular health checkups and do not miss any of its vaccinations. Make sure you take it to the veterinarian for routine checkups in order to avoid spreading of any communicable disease. The pet should remain neat and clean throughout the day and special care should be taken for its cleanliness.

Attune your pet to the baby noises and baby fragrances by artificially creating them before you bring your baby to your home. These things can be done starting from months before the baby’s birth in order to see the pet’s reaction towards such changes. The pet might act weird to these changes initially but the pet will gradually get used to it.

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5 Necessary Things You Should Teach Your Child

5 Necessary Things You Should Teach Your Child

Are you a mother and wondering how to teach your child some of the basic things, strategies and tactics? Well, you need to understand that training a child is one of the most daunting tasks that you can ever embark on. This is because toddlers are yet to develop some of their reasoning instincts and they may not be in a position to make judgments as older people do.

In this regard, you might require a lot of knowledge and skills when training your toddler. Aside from that, you must be ready to understand your child perfectly and address what they need accordingly. That way, you will be able to know some of the things that they can learn at their age.

Here are 5 things you might want to train your child on:

1. Potty Training

As a child grows, they tend to develop denial for nappies. This is an indication that they are due for potty training. Another key sign that indicate that you baby is ready for potty training is long dry hours.

At times you might realize your baby does not wet their nappies so often. This means that they already have the capacity to hold back both short and long calls. Take the advantage and potty train your baby at this point. Use all the strategies at your disposal to ensure that they effectively learn on how to use the potty.

2. Manners

It is essential for a child to grow with good manners. Every parent is proud of a respectful child. Parents have a big role to play in this since a baby does not know what is right and what is wrong. You can start with basic training like telling them how to behave when addressing older person.

Teaching your child that it is bad to harass other children when playing may seem so basic but it is also important for a start. As it is said, teach a child while they are young and they will carry this lesson into adulthood.

3. Focus

Children have low focus ability and this can be enhanced by parents by getting interested in what they are doing. If your child is playing get them to do that longer than usual.

Learn to address your child and maintain eye contact when doing this. Ensure they know how important it is to listen and pay attention. This helps in enhancing their ability to follow instructions.

4. Self control

Don’t kids just love to throw tantrums? This results from not knowing how to control their feelings. If they want a toy and you deny them, they feel offended for not understanding your reason.

In a different note, it is important to train your child how to take count of their feelings. That way, they will be fully equipped with the art of self control and more so great behavior.

5. Sharing

Kids are very possessive with their favorite toys and they might develop a habit of not sharing. Helping them understand that sharing is good and does not mean that they lose what they possess is an important lesson. Be sure to let them understand the secret behind sharing things.

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Birthday Celebration For Your Toddler

Birthday Celebration For Your Toddler

Toddlers are usually unaware of their birth date but celebrating her birthday will make her remember this beautiful day in life when she grows old by a year, each year. Toddlers grow up fast and it may seem like just yesterday when you were celebrating the birth of your child. It’s a special day for you as well as for her. Explain to her the significance of her birth date and why it is important to celebrate her birthday with her family members and friends.

You can take you kid out for a short trip and show her new things. This will help in her explore new things and such visits will make her birthdays special. Before heading out, do not neglect her safety while traveling. When heading out of home in your car, use the best convertible car seat to ensure a worry free and safe journey. If you do not have one and planning to pick one for your baby, keep your requirements in mind and read reviews before buying a convertible car seat. There is a very helpful website on convertible car seat reviews which you can visit here. Once your car is ready for ride, you can take her out to visit monuments, aquariums, science labs etc which would be great places for her interest in a very good way.

Make sure you plan at least a small party wherein you call some of her friends and the children in the neighborhood along with their parents. You can also invite some of your relatives and ask them to bring their kids along too. This helps the toddler to know about her cousins and friends of same age group in the neighborhood.

Theme for the Party

PartyIt is always a good idea to select a theme for the birthday party. Decorate your house according to the theme selected and ask all the guests to dress accordingly. If it is difficult for elders to dress accordingly, ask them to at least dress up their kids according to the theme. Bring in some balloons, a birthday banner, sparkles, decorative lights, toys etc to decorate the house as per the theme. Get her a new birthday dress which she should be wearing on her birthday along with other props which will match her with the theme of the party.

Activities for the Birthday Party

You should choose specific activities for the birthday party of your toddler. For this, you can search online about the best activities for birthday celebrations of your toddler.  You might include games and numerous toys for the kids in the party. You should decide upon an area where all the kids can gather and enjoy, it could be either indoor or outdoor. Do play some children’s music to make the activities more interactive and fun. Keep some time for cutting the “Birthday Cake” and singing happy birthday songs for your child. Make the toddler cut the cake and click myriad pictures of her at the party as these will be her very special moments. She will cherish these moments as she will view these photographs later when she will mature.

Food for the Birthday Party

You would love preparing food for her birthday party as she turns up 2 this year. You can also buy some of the ready to eat food items for the guests in the party. Make sure you make enough arrangements of the paper plates and napkins in order to avoid the mess children create while eating. The Birthday Cake should be special and equally decorative so as to add charm to this special occasion. You can choose the flavor of the cake according to the flavor that your toddler likes. It should imbibe her name on it in order to make it more special. As she will cut the cake, she will be wished “A Very Happy Birthday” by the guests after they sing her a birthday jingle. She will also be presented with numerous gifts by her family members and friends. This will make her feel even more special as she open up the gifts and it will be a life time memory for her wherein all her well wishers and her first friends of life were present.

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