Top 3 Diaper Bags for Dads

Dads want to be stylish too, and carrying around a pink diaper bag with hearts on it probably isn’t dad’s idea of style. There are some great options out there for dads who want to help out and still look good doing it. In fact, there are so many choices nowadays, it can be difficult to figure out which one you want; after all, you’ll most likely be carrying this bag every where you go.

Based on my research on the best diaper bag for dads, I found a great resource which is where you can find some great reviews on diaper bags. Here are the top 3 diaper bags that offer high quality materials, top-notch functionality, with low-key yet fashionable designs for those dads on-the-go.

1 – The Messenger I Bag from – $59.99

diaper-dude-diaper-bagThe messenger I diaper from DiaperDude has everything a dad needs while he is on diaper duty, but moms will love it too! This bag offers a sleek grey design with the durability and versatility you need in a diaper bag. The messenger I is made with comfort and style in mind, with the functionality dad wants from a diaper bag.

Messenger I Features:

  • Stylish design
  • Made from durable polyester
  • Comfort across-the-chest strap
  • Three front pockets for easy access
  • Special pocket for your water bottle
  • Multiple inner compartments for all of baby’s needs
  • Zip-closed pockets

2 – The Billboard from – $110

dadgear-billboard-diaper-bagGo green with this awesome and stylish backpack diaper bag from DadGear. This diaper bag is a little more expensive than the other options but you definitely get your dollars worth. The billboard is partially made from recycled billboards; which gives them quite unique and interesting designs. This diaper bag has everything an over-the-shoulder bag offers but you can go completely hands-free all day.

Billboard Features:

  • Durable mesh and vinyl material (partially recycled)
  • Fashionable designs
  • Stroller Straps
  • Large interior compartment with multiple pockets
  • Special baby-wipe compartment
  • Changing Pad included

3 – Deluxe Wide Opening from Fischer Price – $43

fischer-price-diaper-bagThis diaper bag is a favorite for moms and dads alike. Its ergonomic and polished design offers the highest level of comfort at an affordable price. This bag offer insulated pockets to keep bottles cold or warm, changing pad, and ‘dad-friendly’ design with a eight exterior pockets so everything you need is always within reach. The bottom is also reinforced so it will be able to handle whatever dad manages to stuff in it.

Deluxe Wide-Opening Features:

  • ‘Fast-Finder’ pocket design
  • Large inside compartment designed specifically for wipes and diapers
  • Insulated pockets for bottles
  • Changing pad included
  • Across-the-Chest Comfort Strap
  • Reinforced bottom for durability

Choose any of the above bags to look stylish, trendy and carry baby items when heading out.

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Anxiety and Fear in Children

Anxiety and Fear in Children

Fear and Anxiety are common problems in each individual’s daily life. Not only children, but elder people are also victims of fear and anxiety. In children, it is seen normal to fear from certain things such as strangers, dark places, water, fire, animals etc. Anxiety and fear are harmless till the point they don’t start interfering with the child’s day to day life. As parents, it is our duty to eliminate these fears and the state of anxiety from the mind of our children so that they can leads a calm, peaceful and fearless life.

Common symptoms of Anxiety among children may include loss of concentration, lack of sleep or insomnia, sweaty hands and feet, nausea and frequent headaches. It is important for us to recognize such symptoms in our child and allow him to speak up about his fears and anxieties. Sometimes even your simple conversation and discussion with the child will help him get rid of all his problems. The most important part here is to find out what is the root cause of the problem.

If you have a small child who fears to sleep alone, its good to use the best baby monitor in his/her room so that you can keep an eye on your child and he/she will not feel alone. In case your kid misses you, you can talk to them via the monitor as these come with two-way talk systems.

For this, you need build a friendly relationship with your child starting from the beginning such that he discusses all his problems with you. This will allow him to share all his joys as well as the sorrows in his life with you. If in case, you are not able to find out the reason behind his anxiety, you may also speak to his close friends secretly about any issues which might have happened in his friend circle. A little spying upon your child is considered ok if your intentions are to help him out of his problems.

Children at young age also develop some fears which they generally tend to outgrow with time. A very common fear among children is the fear of darkness. Don’t worry if your child fears from darkness and tells you to accompany him to the toilet at night. This is a common fear among children at this age and they out grow such fears gradually with their increasing age. Remember that these fears are just in their mind and nowhere else. You can also help your child recover from such fears by counseling him about the actual facts of darkness. Explain him that darkness is just a scene when there are no lights or lights are turned off. For instance, if your child asks you to accompany him to the toilet next time, don’t turn on the lights and walk along with him to the toilet. In the way, tell him that it’s completely fine to walk in the dark. Next time, ask him to go the toilet alone by turning on the lights first, while you wait for him back in your room. Gradually, in some days, you will see that your child won’t ask you to accompany him to the toilet and will walk alone to toilet without even turning on the lights. These small things when explained to children help them overcome such kinds of fears.

However, if you diagnose certain serious anxiety and fear issues which persist even after repeated counseling efforts from your side, you might seek professional help for your child. A common type of therapy is cognitive behavioral therapy wherein professional counselors help children overcome their fear by creating an artificial environment of which the child is scared of. They observe the behavior of the child in that environment and slowly help them overcome their particular fear.

There are some great child safety tips at Amber’s website which will help you to a very good extent.

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