Pets and Children

Many of you must have wondered as to how your pet will react to a new member in the family, especially when the new member is your baby. You can help your pet adjust with this new member similar to a situation when children are made to understand about their brothers and sisters. You can also help your pet release its strain by ensuring it that the pet will still stay with you and your growing family. This is a process of mutual understanding and you have to act as a mediator.

It is evident to wonder how the pet will react to this situation and how can you prepare it for the same. You need to understand the fact that your pet was just like your first child in the family. It has been receiving all your love and affection since then. It is very much attached to your family, especially to you if you are its care taker. It might not like the feeling of being left out if you suddenly start giving all your time to the new member in the family. This might stress it out and it might become arrogant. This feeling is similar to the feeling among children when they have to share their things with their siblings. It is important for you to avoid such a situation. The best solution to minimize this effect can be done before you bring your baby in your home. Allow another member of your family to develop a close bond with the pet. Gradually start spending less time with it and allow the other member to spend more time with it. This doesn’t mean that you should completely stop loving it, but the new bond which the pet makes with the new member will give you more time towards your new born without making the pet feel bad about it. This way, the pet will still feel loved and you get more time to spend with your new born.

Pet and Children

In case if your baby is grown up, you can install a best video baby monitor in the nursery. It will help your monitor your baby and the pet. It will leave you worry free and you can also keep track of baby’s and pet’s behavior while you are not around and also you can teach to respect each other.

If your baby is too small, the baby’s room should remain out of the bounds for the pet. You can even install a barrier which inhibits the pet to reach the baby’s room. This will free you from all the stress while the baby is asleep in his room. Alternatively, you can install baby video monitors in your baby’s room to keep surveillance of his room too.

Other measures which you can take in order to make your pet more comfortable with the future environment are mentioned below. You need to prepare your pet before you can actually introduce it to the baby in a smooth and safe way. It is best to start practicing these methods months before your baby actually arrives in this world. This will also keep your mind occupied while you are still pregnant.

Start training your pet to stay calm and sit next to the floor beside you until you actually invite it to cuddle around you. This is important as you will be cuddling a newborn with you soon. The pet should get used to it and not feel offensive about it.

The best thing you can do is to make your pet used to baby activities in the house. Buy a baby doll that will act as a new baby, perform all the activities with it so that your pet gets used to all such baby activities till the new member arrives in your home.

Take your pet for regular health checkups and do not miss any of its vaccinations. Make sure you take it to the veterinarian for routine checkups in order to avoid spreading of any communicable disease. The pet should remain neat and clean throughout the day and special care should be taken for its cleanliness.

Attune your pet to the baby noises and baby fragrances by artificially creating them before you bring your baby to your home. These things can be done starting from months before the baby’s birth in order to see the pet’s reaction towards such changes. The pet might act weird to these changes initially but the pet will gradually get used to it.