There has been seen an increased craze and fame of the electric scooters in recent times. People often prefer going by these electric scooters beating luxury cars. For the same reason, new and improved electric scooters have been introduced in the market.

One of the finest scooters introduced in the market is E300 by Razor. With its improved technology, it is Razor’s fastest scooters, traveling up to 5 miles per hour. Electric scooters need frequent change of its battery. Electric scooters work on the batteries. For the same reason, there can be a need to change the battery of the scooters in case of discharged or low battery. There is a proper procedure which should be strictly followed while changing the battery.

Required tools

The tools that are required for replacing batteries of Razor E300 are Wrenches, screwdriver, valve extender, wire cutters and quick disconnectors. These generally come along with the toolkit of the scooter.

Procedure for replacing batteries

The following is a step by step guide for replacing batteries of Razor E300.

• The wires that were already present in obsolete battery can be easily used while connecting new battery. Hence there is no need to get new wires.
• It is essential to ensure the quality of new battery. Hence it should abide by all the quality standard and instructions. The buyer should check it before making an online purchase or shopping order.
• Initially the user should change one battery at a time.
• After doing so, the user should open the foot board for changing the battery.
• Cut the red and black wires of the battery as close as possible using wire cutters.
• Peel the wires from the tip to about a quarter inch, just enough for the disconnector to clip onto.
• Clip on the disconnected area at the sliced ends.
• This should be made sure that there are no exposed wires.
• Connect the red wire to the positive terminal of the battery and black to the negative terminal, safely. (red to red and black to black)
• Place the battery safe inside the scooter.
• Let the wires still remain connected.
• Replace the foot board.
• The scooter is ready for the ride.


It should be made sure that the battery is changed in front of a guardian or an elderly person. Do not touch the naked wires with the bare hands. It can be risky. Read the complete guidelines and review of Razor 300 electric scooter at Kids for King. The provided manual comprises of all the necessary precautions to be taken. It should be learned nicely before changing the battery.